Frequently asked questions

What if there are no worthy projects in the regions?

Can a founder alone participate in the support programme, or is it open only for teams?

What happens after the support programme?

Our team plans to attract investment. Can we count on you?

Can I be excluded from the support programme?

Will all applicants be notified of an outcome?

What is the “Demo day?”

How do you select best projects and teams identified?

Will winners receive prizes and prize money?

Does the support programme invest in projects?

Will the selected project teams be provided with co-working spaces?

Under what principles do you select projects?

How many projects will be accepted into the support programme?

In which cities the support programme will be organized?

Who will review and select projects to participate in the support programme?

How long will you review applications and when will I know the result?

How many team members are allowed to participate in the support programme?

What is new in this year’s support programme?

In the past, I applied, but my project was rejected. Does it make sense to apply again?

I have several project ideas. Can two or more applications be submitted?

Is it necessary to be a student to participate in the support programme?

Projects at what stage of development can participate in the support programme?

What is the main aim of the support programme?